Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaper Progress

I've started modeling my characters, I plan on giving daily updates on them as I go
Here is the first, Reaper

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finished Reaper!!

I finished my sculpture of the character called Reaper! Here it is :) I've never made a sculpture before, so I'm quite proud

And here is the progression:

Storyboarding 4 life

Been working on my storyboard for my IP music video lately... It has all the major points, I need to fill in the fluff more.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

IP begins...

I am making a animated music video for my Senior Design Project. I already have the story and my characters in my head, I am working on making them fleshed out.

And so, here goes my first ever sculpture! Hope it works out...
I haven't named this character yet. I am thinking about calling it "Reaper"

And the other two characters:


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monkey Casts

For class, I am making a project based around designer toys, and making it into an exploration for my senior project. The plan is to create a small primate family, complete with individual banana boxes. I want to explore 3-D works and metal working, so I will bronze/Aluminum cast one of the monkeys and his container. Here is a plastic print of the monkey to be cast.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The end is in sight!!

So, I need to put in writing what I have left to do for the end of the semester, for my own sanity.

Just this past weekend I had the show Deniz (Choreographed and directed by Susie Thiel) premiere, my projections in the background. I took pictures of the performance, but the dance department apparently does not liek peopel to take pictures at shows, due to copyright issues(?) so I'll keep them to myself.

Here is the list:
Make joint demos
Make bedside Table
Finish up final project
Make 5 paintings
Do Final project
Write summary on Making Art
Make final project
write paper
do personal reflection project( in two parts)
silver club member project
document work
matte paintings
Electronic Lunch:
Puppet stuff
Sophomore Review:
document work
meet with john luther
write artist's statement
re-do website
Mind ensemble:
create an hour's worth of videos to be looped and manipulated during a live performance.

Possibly shave head.

go 3 weeks go!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Look! It's a bag!! and a mask?!

Playing catch-up again... Here is a bag I made for Wood is Good with Kaite Rubin. It is cherrywood, with bronze and copper hardware, and a clothesline strap. I need to get in the habit of WIP pictures again...
It has an indent on the back for perfectly fitting on my hip, and made to protect those oh so fragile little things I end up carrying to and from school. Overall, it took 3 weeks to do... 2 weeks of that was chiseling out the inside.

  This is a copper mask and collar piece. The prompt for the assignment was to create a piece that is a response to today's beauty standards. There are women who have been raised to be rather silent in their opinions, that emotion is a negative thing and should not be expressed. They are taught to go along with whatever else is going on, and to not "stir the pot" with their own opinions. 

    In response, I created this piece, as stating that a good women is silent and obedient. The collar part has a D-ring attached to it, a way to restrain, and the shape of the collar restrains the movement of the head. If the head slouches, or turns, the collar digs into the neck and collarbone. The jaw and mouth piece do not completely restrict speaking, but they do make the process of it very uncomfortable. The speaker mesh represents a filter of words.

Materials are copper and sterling silver, took 3 weeks to create. The back is fastened with a belt, and the speaker mesh is from an old boombox.